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Podium-List-IconDon’t just take our word for it!

Here are what some athletes have said about their experience at Podium:

“The [endless pool] treadmill is a great tool, it’s really effective in developing my core and allows me to start small and progress at a reasonable pace without risking further injury to my back.”
Michel Sabourin

“Podium’s endless swim pool is really awesome! Especially the mirror underneath when you’re swimming, really helps you emphasize your streamline and look and evaluate your own stroke.”
Anita Daniels

“Training on the KICKRs at Podium took my training/racing to another level. In just a couple of months, increased power and speed with decreased intensity and more efficiency! Got me on the podium at the nationals! Thank you Podium!”
– Kathy Petrillo

“Riding in the KICKR studio at Podium is a very effective way to work out in a controlled environment.  It allows you to give your full attention to your power output, cadence and speed without the interruptions we have when riding outside.  It’s a great way to train in the “hills” when you live in Florida!!”
 Tom Yeager

“The KICKR studio at Podium has played a vital role in increasing my cycling power this triathlon season. Whether I’m training on an Ironman course, riding a segment of the Tour de France, or just trying to make it through a Sufferfest workout, the KICKR studio allows me to train at my optimal power range and push my limits by providing detailed analytics as I ride, all in a safe environment without having to worry about weather, traffic, or any other potential hazards of training on the road.”
– Rob Turner

“Broke my collarbone in July, been training here in the meantime, staying out of the heat and humidity. Love this place. Come in to do interval training then chill out and wear the Normatech compression boots to cut down the recovery time. This place is keeping me fast.”
– Matt Nalesnik

Glad that Podium is here in Jupiter. We have a world-class facility in my backyard!”
Erin Hodel

Thanks Coach Pete for the great training session. I have BIG GOALS and your guidance is greatly appreciated!”
– Maribel Bleeker

“(The endless swim pool at Podium) helps us as coaches to be able to have our swimmers sense and see what they’re doing at the same time and make those adjustments in their strokes themselves.”
Linda Bostic