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Service Pricing

Consultation and Performance Services Pricing

Individual Training Services
Personal Training Sessions * $80 Single / $720 10 Pack Work one on one with our team for one-hour sessions. The sessions are tailored to your goals and can be split between disciplines- Testing time 1:00
Group Training Sessions Call for Pricing These groups sessions are designed around your team’s needs. They can be done in the weight room, track, pool, ocean or other outdoor areas.
Coaching Consultation
$125 This can be done at PPR or via phone for out of town athletes. Let our team answer any training questions you have, assist in organizing your current training regime and help identify the areas that need more attention. – Testing time 1:00
Nutritional Consultation
$125 Meet with our Certified Nutritionist to discuss your nutritional needs pre/post tournament and guide you toward healthy food choices – Testing time 1:00

* Denotes 10% discount for members

Human Performance Services
Maximal Oxygen Uptake Analysis (VO2 Max) *
$150 This is also known as a VO2max test and is one of the most common measurements of aerobic fitness. The athlete will be taken through progressively more intense stages of running or cycling that will culminate in the athlete’s volitional maximum. Each stage lasts 1 minute and the end of the test is determined by the athlete. Data can be used to prescribe training zone intensities and potential race times for 5k to the marathon. Testing time 1:00
Functional Threshold Power Test *
$75 This will be done in a group setting using the Wahoo Kickrs, but can be scheduled individually. Testing time 1:00
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) with Body Comp *
$150 This test determines exactly how many calories one utilizes throughout the day. The athlete’s daily activity level and training duration and intensity are taken into account for an overall determinatino of daily caloric needs. The test requires that the subject remain calm for 5-10 minutes and breathe only through his or her mouth into the testing device. This requires that the subject’s nose is closed by a nose clip – Testing time 1:00
Hypoxic Training
$300 6 Pack Training at altitude has been used to improve athletic performance in terms of overall strength, power and endurance. – Testing time :45
Swim Stroke Analysis *
$100 single / $450 5 Pack /$850 10 Pack Video analysis of one stroke. Additional Stroke (30 minutes) $100.
Bike Skills *
$125 Learn bike tactics and work with our expert to develop better skills.
Comprehensive/Retro Bike Fit *
$275 The Guru Dynamic Fit Bike leads the industry in science-based analysis of the althlete’s biomechanics. Our FIST certified bike fitter will finely tune your position for maximal performance and comfort. This test does examine how the bike fits while the athlete is pedaling at various intensities. The athlete will be required to pedal repeatedly for short amounts of time near maximal power – Testing time 1:30
Pedal/Cleat Interface Fitting *
$150 Using the proprietary BikeFit pedal/cleat interface analysis system, we use a 5-step laser fitting protocol to ensure tha the most important contact point on the bike is properly aligned to ensure maximal comfort and power transfer – Testing time 1:00
Computrainer Spin Span and Cycling Mechanics Analysis *
$175 This test does examine how efficiently the athlete pedals at various intensities. The athlete will be required to pedal repeatedly for short amounts of time near maximal power – Testing time 1:00
Comprehensive Gait Analysis *
$175 This test will examine the athlete’s walking and running stride, his or her basic biomechanics, and his or her posture. To conduct proper assessments, the athlete will be required to walk barefoot on an indoor surface and to run (with shoes) at several intensities (up to a sprint) on both a treadmill, a grassy field, and possibly on a rubberized track surface – Testing time 1:30

* Denotes 10% discount for members

For more information , call us at 561-529-3118 or email our Director of Operations at dan.maher@jupiterppr.com