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Human Performance Lab

Maximize your potential at Podium Performance & Recovery

Our human performance lab will show you how sports science can help you reach optimum performance and efficiency. We focus on the groundwork of human performance: strength, stamina, cognition, hydration, metabolism, and recovery. Our facility is equipped with technology used to develop training, recovery, and nutrition to establish accurate training and racing zones, as well as take the guess work out of training. After reviewing the data, one of our certified coaches will define your training zones, outline your strengths and developmental areas, and answer any questions you may have.

Maximal Oxygen Uptake Analysis

This is also known as a VO2 Max test and is one of the most common measurements of aerobic fitness. The VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can consume to create energy, which is directly related to endurance performance. You will be taken through progressively increasing stages of running or cycling that will culminate in your all out effort. Data can be used to prescribe training zone intensities and training plans.

Metabolic Efficiency and Nutritional Strategy Review

This test assesses exactly what you burn during exercise. Beginning at a low intensity, you will be taken through progressively increasing stages of running or cycling intensity. At each stage, your percentage of carbohydrate and fat utilization will be determined. After the test, a consultation with a physiologist will be held to design a nutrition strategy for training and racing to maximize efficiency.

Body Composition

Measuring body composition is a method of discovering percentages of body fat, bone, muscle, and water in the human body. Because muscular tissue takes up less room than fat tissue, body composition and weight determine leanness.

Using our state of the art InBody technology, our exercise physiologist and certified coaches will baseline and monitor body weight and composition for use in the development of personalized diet and exercise plans to maximize your efficiency.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

This test determines exactly how many calories you utilize throughout the day. Your daily activity level and training duration and intensity are taken into account for an overall determination of daily caloric needs.

Functional Movement Screen

This evaluation is a series of biomechanical assessments, some of which challenge balance, proprioception, and range of motion. Identification of corrective and/or performance enhancing exercises will be given to the athlete based upon the results.

Run Gait Analysis

While often thought of as “analysis of the feet”, gait analysis provides a picture of everything happening within your body from kinesthetic awareness to habit and individual levels of mobility, stability, flexibility, and functional strength. Having this knowledge, our Exercise Physiologist and Certified Coaches can work with you to build strength, balance, flexibility, and improve your overall running efficiency.

Pedal Stroke Analysis

One of the most important and easiest skills for improved cycling performance is effective pedaling. Correct pedal stroke is essential for optimal use of your strength and fitness, providing continuous power while optimizing efficiency and thereby reducing fatigue. Using Computrainer Spin Scan Technology, our Exercise Physiologist and Certified Coaches will find any “dead spots”, side-to-side imbalances in your pedal stroke, and work with you to build better form and efficiency.

Nutrition Consultation

Let our certified nutritionist analyze your dietary intake, food habits, and sports nutrition to help you reach, and maintain, your optimal race weight.

Sports Psychology Consultation

Private consultation with our certified sports psychologist to optimize racing strategy and break through mental barriers.

Swim Stroke Analysis

Athletes will have the opportunity to work with our expert swim coaches in any of the four strokes and/or triathlon-specific swimming technique.

Specific Training Camps and Clinics

We offer training camps that are race specific for Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling, and Running. Additionally, we offer specific training clinics for visiting triathlon clubs with full use of the facility and local accommodations.

Please check our schedule often, as we add clinics with expert trainers and athletes. These sessions will be open to the public.


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