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Podium-List-Icon Welcome to Podium Cycling!

Whether you’re looking to increase your power, speed, or endurance, our cycling facilities are designed to tackle your specific needs.

Podium Cycling is equipped with Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainers which provide you with the most realistic, power-accurate training experience available. Using your bike in an indoor, controlled environment, under the supervision of our certified coaches, we offer an unlimited range of courses, power based interval sessions, and real course simulation.

Podium-List-Icon The Podium Cycling Advantage:


4c9EjpGziPower and resistance based trainingDSC_1745c

Data to your Garmin or other sports device4c9EjpGzi

4c9EjpGziAccurate power meter metrics

4c9EjpGziNo more tire slipping or premature tire wear like with regular trainers

4c9EjpGziReal road feel

4c9EjpGziA safe, controlled training environment


Podium-List-Icon In a rush and no time to grab your bike?Watt Bike 1 25pc

We also have Wattbike stationary trainers available for use. Wattbikes replicate the feel of the road while providing cycling-specific performance data. From novice to elite athlete, we offer workouts to fit your specific needs and training goals.


Podium-List-Icon The Podium Cycling Services Available:

4c9EjpGziClimbing TechniqueBike Fit

4c9EjpGziSprinting and lead-outs

4c9EjpGziDescending and cornering technique

4c9EjpGziInterval training

4c9EjpGziTime trial skills and tactics

4c9EjpGziTriathlon bike handling

4c9EjpGziPaceline training

4c9EjpGziTeam time trial practice

Looking to become more efficient on the bike? We offer video supported Spin-Scan Analysis and GURU bike fitting to dial you in.

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