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At Podium Fitness & Performance, we are dedicated to helping you optimize your time, recover faster, minimize your injury/risk, and set your PR. Whether you are training for your first 5k or an elite triathlete looking for that breakthrough performance, we will design a program specifically tailored to you and your goals.

We work with full-time athletes, as well as athletes who are juggling training with career and family. We understand the importance of programs designed with your lifestyle in mind and take into account other demands in order to build a training plan that maximizes your training, time, and results.

DSC_1759cIf you are ready to take that next step toward reaching your fitness goals, and having fun while doing so, schedule a consultation now by calling 561-529-3118.

Podium Performance & Recovery has designed its coaching programs to service every kind of athlete. Not in the area? Our remote coaching service is available through an online network of coaches. Your coach will design a custom plan for you and you’ll get feedback on your training log, your questions answered, and many important tips.

Coaching Packages

What You Get Elite Pro
Training Schedule Weekly Stock Plan 100% Customized Weekly Plan
Training Peaks Basic Premium
Start Up Consultation Yes Yes
File Analysis Once Weekly 100% Customized
Coaching Communication Once Weekly 100% Customized
Schedule Adjustments 100% Customized
Race Day Nutrition Plan 100% Customized
Race Day Execution Plan 100% Customized
Discounted Services Yes Yes
24hr Responsiveness Yes
Coach Level Elite Pro
Nutritional Services For Purchase 2 per 6 Months
Coached Races Unlimited Unlimited

Our staff of USAT certified coaches, personal trainers and specialists offer individualized programs for triathletes and endurance athletes for beginners, age-groupers and elite athletes. We also offer specific training for each of our sports.